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21 Days to Create Your Future


21 Day Intensive to Release Limitation and Actually Create a Life that Works for YOU

“What if you, truly being you, is the difference, the gift, and the change this world requires?”
- Dr. Dain Heer

What would you create in your life if you were truly choosing for you?

How much of your life is running on default and a default that doesn't actually serve you... default of self criticism, default of self doubt, default of feeling obligated to other people's expectations, default of feeling limited, uncreative, and unhappy?

What happens when you aren't creating for you and your future?

  • Difficulty in relationships - going hot or cold on people, or shutting them out entirely.

  • Attracting the same people over and over that want to take from you or drain your energy. Or being the one who inconsistently shows up for others and doesn't build lasting, supportive relationships.

  • Financial difficulties - struggling to have money in your life, struggling to create a business or have a fulfilling job.

  • Hopping around from job to job or idea to idea, never fully committing to creating and having money or creating a business.

  • Health issues - manifesting in all sorts of ways from weight, to disease or pain, to fatigue, to mental and emotional struggles.

  • Constant self criticism and mental chatter, slowing you down and keeping you stuck.

  • Sexual disfunction and disconnection from your body.

  • And the list goes on...

What else is possible for you?

If there is ever a time to change something, that time is now.

"Now" is always the present moment. And choosing to be present in your life is one of the things we'll focus on during the 21 Days to Create Your Future program.

What would change if you were totally present (without judgment!) to your life?

There is so much that is possible when you choose for you...

  • more ease with money

  • more intimate relationships

  • more joy in business

  • more happiness with your body

  • and a life you're excited about!

You have the power to transform your situation, starting right now.

When you are present to your life, show up for you, and truly choose to have what YOU desire, you...

  • Wake up excited for the day and grateful to be alive.

  • Have access to your clarity, direction, and next steps.

  • Build longer lasting, vulnerable and open, and fulfilling relationships.

  • Create money with more ease and flow. Allow yourself to have money, not just make it and spend it. Build your wealth and your legacy.

  • Commit to and accomplish your goals and your vision because you are committed to you.

  • Have a deeper and more intimate relationship with your body and with anyone you allow into the sacred space that is your body.

  • Value and honor your time, your energy, your gifts and abilities.

  • Truly experience that magic that IS you.

  • Finally experience something new, something exciting, and something lasting that opens up greater possibility and a greater future.

Is now the time ?

March 8th - March 29th

Weekly 60 minute sessions with me (these are no ordinary coaching sessions, I bring all my tools to the table for you and what will create the greatest change)

DAILY connection and support via a personal and private channel just for you

3 Personalized meditation/clearing audios you can run even in your sleep (1 per week based on what’s needed as you make massive shifts)

Price: $1000

 Special: $750 

When you register today!

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