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About Me

I am dynamic


I have dynamically changed over the years in many ways. I felt at the effect of change until I realized and put into practice my power to be and create the change I desired. And what has been beautiful is realizing that I can truly choose who I would like to be and how I would like to live and experience this life.

I studied Theology for almost a decade, completing my Bachelors in Theology and Masters of Divinity (MDiv). During that time I deconstructed my religious beliefs, which was an intense journey of letting go of who I thought I was, how I thought life (and "beyond life") worked and resulted in changing my direction entirely. Coming from such a structured and prescriptive background the space of true choice was at first very uncomfortable (and still sometimes is). But, as I lean more into my own power I have gained so much more than I thought possible.

Certified Master Coach &

Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator 

I completed my coach training through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), one of the top international coach training programs. And was captivated by this modality and the power of being "in the question."

Since then, I have studied energy healing and consciousness through Reiki, yoga, hypnotherapy, and most recently Access Consciousness. I am now an Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator & CFMW. My sessions are a uniquely powerful and transformative experience as I hold the space of possibility and invite you to step into your magic.

And ultimately, we are each infinite beings coming together to play in this realm. So let's play and see what greatness we can create in your life and the world!

On a personal level


I embrace myself as an ever-evolving person, a dynamic entrepreneur, an often wildly woo-woo wanderer, a practical artist, a free-flowing dancer, and so much more.

I always come back to the power of remaining open, the courage and integrity of staying true to myself, and the beauty of simply being.

I wish you the same on your own adventurous journey.

Much Love ❤

- Jennilee

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Jennilee Porch  Master Coach and Energy
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