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Join My Journey to

Access CF

Hi there! This page is to celebrate and invite you into my journey to Access CF. What's an Access CF? This means "Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator", which is a certification level where I can facilitate so much more with the powerful tools of Access Consciousness. I'm enthused for this beautiful journey for all the ways in which this has and continues to invite me to step more into my greatness.

How does it get better than that?

1st Access Bars Class.jpeg

My first Bars class

I had been reading Access books and watching/listening to everything I could get my hands on for about a year before I took my first Bars class, maybe a year and a half actually. I kept making the money so significant and out of reach to pay for the class. Then finally, I chose it and the money showed up. Wow, how much fun it was to enjoy my first ever Bars class with John Ashford! An amazing being who I invite you to check out here.

I woke up the next day and for the first time didn't have constant thoughts buzzing through my mind. It was a level of space that truly surprised me.

Foundation Rocked​​ My Reality

A number of months after my first Bars class, I had shared a session with a few friends and family, but knew I desired more Bars in my life. I realized with the repeat pricing on Bars classes (50% off) that I could take the class again at the same price as one session. So why the hell not!? LOL

What I didn't know at the time was that much more magic was in store for me. I found that Danielle Varanda was holding a class that next week. Woohoo, yes, I'm there! Now, she was also facilitating The Foundation class with Access, which I really desired to take, but again I had concluded it was outside of my reach financially.

Well, Danielle is a master at supporting people in choosing greater and after finding out that I was interested said, "if you do choose it, we can work it out." Wow, you mean it's really possible!? How cool to meet folks that are ready to play in possibilities and invite me to really step up and choose.

The Foundation class is all about breaking apart the foundation of limitation you currently function from (or try to function from) and allowing you to connect with a universe of possibilities and the reality of a life much greater than you can imagine now.

So, yes, it totally rocked my reality. I already knew I desired to be an Access CF, before I even took my first Bars class, and this only made me more enthused.

Bars Cats.jpeg
IMG_7185 2.HEIC

Access Bars Facilitator

As I looked at what was required to be an Access CF, I saw a post on Facebook that inspired me to ask, "what can I do now, what if I didn't have to wait to facilitate with Access, what else is possible now?"

"What else is possible now?" Such an awesome questions!

There is nothing in a license that wasn't in your already. It's just that fun and pleasure of being more of you as you play with all the pieces involved.

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