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Book Club

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Conscious Leaders: For Futures that Are Sustainable

by Chutisa Bowman

What if there is a totally different way that you can be in the world? If you know there must be a different way to be a leader, and you are seeking new possibilities, this book is the start of what is possible.


It’s about being outside the box. Are you willing to be as different as you are in the world? What else would be possible if you would expand your capacity to be a conscious leader in your own life, in business and in the world?


Are you ready to open up to a new horizon and discover new and different possibilities?

Six Week Book Club

online via Zoom​



We'll have one hour Zoom calls discussing key take aways and topics from two chapters of the book each week. Time for one-to-one sharing and group discussion with guiding questions. We'll also end each call with time for reflection on personal application.

Below is the schedule for each week.

Please read the chapters before the call and come ready to discuss.

Session 1

Chapter 1 - A Different Possibility is Available to You

Chapter 2 - What We Need Now is Conscious Leadership

Session 2

Chapter 3 - What is a Conscious Leader?

Chapter 4 - To Become a Truly Conscious Leader You Must Start With Yourself

Session 3

Chapter 5 - Pragmatic Choice

Chapter 6 - Being Conscious is About the Everyday!

Session 4

Chapter 7 - What Does it Mean to Be a Catalyst?

Chapter 8 - Being the Energy and Following the Energy

Session 5

Chapter 9 - Getting Started is What Counts

Chapter 10 - Being Generative

Session 6

Chapter 11 - Be the Space of Possibility

Chapter 12 - Be Strategically Aware



Who is this for?

Anyone! You don't need to be in a traditional leadership role to access your capacity to be a conscious leader, especially of your own life. This book is an invitation to make a commitment to be the leader of your own life and "never live your life by other people's points of view." From there, your conscious leadership is a part of everything you do and be; how you show up in your family, in your job or business, and anything else you are a part of or are creating in the world.

How much does the six week book club cost?

It's free! Sign up below.

What if I want more after the book club?

Conscious Leadership Circle 6 month program starts May 31st. If you are jazzed about continuing your journey as a conscious leader in your life and the world, you are invited to the Conscious Leadership Circle where we will dive deep into conscious leadership especially as self leadership. What could you create from a space of possibility?

Learn more here.

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