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What if the key to the life you always dreamed of is already in you and all that is required is to choose it?

Would you like to...

  • Have more clarity?

  • Experience more joy?

  • Unleash your creativity?

  • Attract relationships that make your life 10x greater?

  • Connect with your body as your best friend?

  • Wake up excited and inspired?

    and much more

You create a life you love by first

committing to you.

What if committing to you was actually way easier and more fun than you thought?

Committing to you is like going downstream, rather than fighting the uphill battle of trying to meet everyone else's expectations, needs, and deadlines. When you continually give up yourself for others, you never get around to creating what you would like to have or the contribution you would truly like to be in the world because everyone else's voice is so much louder and more demanding. You're always putting out fires, putting in the hours, and putting yourself off for another day.

When you commit to you and your life, the things you've been asking for actually start showing up. You ditch all the ways in which you are making yourself smaller for others or dimming your dreams for someone else's doubts. You come back to your brilliance, your knowing, your unique and beautiful journey. You allow yourself to cultivate a greater vision for your life and the impact you would like to have in the world. And you build a momentum of creation that allows this all to flourish.

So, what would you like to create in 2022? What if this year you committed to you?


Now is the time. Now is the space. This is your invitation to something greater. An invitation to you.

What if you woke up one day and life was completely unrecognizable to today

in the most beautiful of ways?​

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You are invited to a year of embodied creation.


Each month will have a guiding theme and will open the door to:

  • Clarifying your vision for your life and your impact.

  • Empowering you to make self-honoring choices by knowing what is true for you in every moment.

  • Having more ease with taking courageous action for the creation of your life and the future.

  • Accessing your body's wisdom as the co-creator of your life.

  • Turning on your magnetism so you draw in what you're asking for.

  • Cultivating your inner power so you never have to give yourself up for others.

  • Creating greater intimacy with yourself and others for more generative relationships.

  • Increasing your ability to receive dynamically.

  • Playing with a universe of possibilities that desires to contribute to you.

and more!

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Choose Your Adventure

2x Monthly Commit to You

Live Calls + Replays

Tools & Practices Based Around that Month's Theme

"Playsheet" of Exercises and Writing Prompts

Invitation to Check-in

A Weekly Reminder of Your Magic

30 Minute Private Session each Month

10% Off Additional Sessions

2x Monthly Commit to You

Live Calls + Replays

Tools & Practices Based Around that Month's Theme

"Playsheet" of Exercises and Writing Prompts

Invitation to Check-in

A Weekly Reminder of Your Magic

You're also invited to join the first call for FREE!

Whether you join me on this journey of embodied creation or not, my hope is that you are inspired by this conversation to create more for you this year, more for the planet, and more with your body as a co-creator of a life you truly love.


In ease & possibilities,


Let's Stay In Touch :)

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Is this for me if my life is generally going well, but I just want more?

Yes! Our discussions and tools are all about expanding your life and that can be from a place where you're turning around everything that is just not working to what will or starting from what is good and making it even greater.

Once I start, can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. I only desire you to participate if it's working for you! You can also give feedback at any time too as you are a co-creator of this journey together.

What if I missed the first part of the year, can I still jump in?

Yes! Jump in! There is so much we explore each month, no matter when you join you'll have tools to launch into connecting more deeply with you and creating more in your life.

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