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Engage the power of committing to you and choosing a greater future for you and the planet.

Is now the time and space to acknowledge that you are a gift? There is only one of you in the universe


Have you been operating like you really could choose anything? Or is there only a limited menu available to you resulting in lots of patterns repeating in your life?

Are you truly living, which is an active verb, a continual expansion of you in the now, as you are right now...or are you waiting to get you and your life right to truly live?

When did you give up the possibility that truly anything could be created in your life? Where did you get the idea of what "realistic" looks like and what that must mean for you?

And the biggest question...are you ready to explore what else is possible?


There is a deep ease and relaxation available to you when you are showing up in the world as your authentic self, choosing what truly works for you, and never having to explain or justify yourself to anyone ever.


There is a confidence that supports you when you truly know that you can and will create what you desire, no matter what.

There is a movement, momentum, and expansion when you are no longer stopped or slowed down by the fear of judgment or chains of other people's projections and expectations.

What if you were never again at the effect of what other people think or choose to choose and create your life? If you no longer had to wait for anything or anyone, what in your life would change right away?

Conscious Creator - 6 Month Program

Empowering you to create the life you truly desire.

Now is the time and the space for something different. You are invited to three months of relaxing into you and stepping up into greater living. Experience what it is to know that someone truly has your back and allow yourself to receive the change you've been asking for.


24 Coaching Sessions

Weekly 30-minute sessions to skyrocket your creations.


One Free Class a Month

Your choice of one free ticket a month to a group call or class under 2 hours.


Access Consciousness Intros

How Different Are You Willing to Be?

- and -

More Time, More Money, More Joy


Conscious Creator Card Deck

Creation-focused 50 card deck with questions and quotes to inspire you.

*Coming Soon*


Personalized Homeplay

Daily and weekly tools to support your momentum. "Playsheets" available if you enjoy writing.


Private Chat Thread

Private Signal, Voxer, or WhatsApp chat thread for additional support between sessions.

  Investment in You  

Pay Monthly


Paid Monthly x 6

Pay In Full


Single Payment

Take the first step by scheduling your free 30-minute

discovery call. We can get to know each other and discover if this will be the best fit for you.

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