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Have Your Own Back and Watch Your Life Flourish

What if you being "your own worst enemy," was no longer the standard?

What if your "inner critic" was no longer a persistent and present

voice running the show and discouraging you from pursuing your dreams?

What if you truly had access to your power, your vision, and your creative capacity... what would you really love to have as your life?


It all starts from within.



When you lay a foundation of self-commitment and self-kindness a universe of possibilities becomes available to you.

You no longer tolerate and become...

  • Drained by relationships, clients, lovers, and job situations that constantly take from you and leave you feeling undervalued.

  • Frustrated by missed opportunities and disappointed that it feels impossible to step into the adventure beyond your comfort zone.

  • Anxious with a constant buzzing in your brain as you worry about how others are perceiving you or how you are surely messing things up.

  • Physically tired and worn out as your body takes the brunt of the stress and energetic drain/

  • Confused about what to do next and constantly second-guessing what you're doing or would like to do.

  • Trapped and stressed in an endless cycle of not enough money and never seeming to feel supported by money.

  • Stuck with where you are in life, knowing something else has got to be possible.

Something else truly is possible.



You are invited on a three-month journey to

Have Your Back.

And lay the foundation that truly allows you to thrive.

We'll explore and release what is keeping you stuck, small, and disconnected from your true self. We'll access the place in you where your power, peace, and knowing reside. So you can create a life you've always dreamed of, one that honors your uniqueness, and inspires you to more each day.

  • Become clear about your true desires, so you are no longer slowed down by confusion and know exactly what you would like to create.

  • Establish incredible inner communion with yourself, your source power, and your unique gift in the world.

  • Own your truth and communicate your desires with ease.

  • Tap into the power of vulnerability, trust, gratitude, and allowance for yourself first and for your other relationships in all areas.

  • Let go of the story of limitation and release yourself into new levels of living, receiving, and creating that you have not yet experienced.

  • Embrace and celebrate every aspect of you, cultivating unshakable confidence to create the life you truly desire from a place of creating it your way.

  • Allow in generative and nurturing relationships (or co-creationships) that make your life ten times better.

  • And so much more...

What if you settled for nothing less than the beautiful life you know is possible?

What if, no matter what, you knew you could always come back to the deepest love and kindness you've ever known...yours?

What You'll Receive:


12 Coaching Sessions

(60 or 30 Minutes)

Unlimited Email & Voxer Support


BONUS: Personalized Guided Meditation


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