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Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is love,

love is wholeness,

wholeness is balance,

balance is wellbeing,

wellbeing is freedom

from dis-ease.


- Dr. Mikao Usui (Founder of Usui Reiki)

What would life be like if you could experience more love, joy, balance, wellbeing, freedom, and ease? How would your relationships change? Your health and emotional state? Even your finances, business, and work?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese healing technique based on the principle that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what keeps us alive and well. When our "life force energy" is low we are likely to get sick and feel stressed, and when it is high, our body, mind, emotions, and spirit are more capable of restoring to their natural state of wellbeing. The Reiki Practitioner acts as a channel for this energy and directs it to you either through "laying on hands" or sending the energy remotely. (All session are remote at this time.)

Everything is energy.

A Reiki session is sacred space holding for you as the master self healer to step into your power.​ Your cells are awakened to the remembering of their divine right to heal and thrive. Life opens up in so many ways when you allow the natural flow of energy.


"Stop acting so small, you are the universe

in ecstatic motion."

- Rumi

Benefits of Reiki


Receiving Reiki is a relaxing and soothing process, leaving you feeling refreshed and balanced.

  • Promotes natural self healing

  • Relaxes and reduces stress

  • Helps to ease physical and emotional pain

  • Increases blood flow

  • Promotes quality sleep

  • Aids healthy digestion

  • Enhances personal awareness

  • Balances the energy of the body, mind, and spirit

  • Gentle, harmless, and effective

"I had a really great Reiki session with Jennilee. She was very gentle and bright, and her work went very deep. I had a lot of interesting journeying as she was moving the energy throughout the session, and I processed and shifted a lot with her support. I look forward to connecting with her again in the future."

-Katrina K.


Navigate the holidays with more ease and joy, whether you're able to visit family and friends or staying home this year. Stress does not have to be the default, no matter what is happening.

Your outer world is an expression of your inner world.

Your relationships with others, a mirror of your relationship with yourself. Your success in work and business, a mirror of your confidence and connection to your innate creativity and inner genius. Your spirituality even, in your search for connection to the Divine Other, mirrors your connection to the Divine Self. When life isn't working it means the energy is out of balance. Reiki brings you back to a state of balance so you can truly access the expansive, generative you.

"Another wonderful light filled experience with Jennilee. I am so blessed! Thank you!"

-Mariquita S.


Why is working with Jennilee unique?

Jennilee is a Certified Master Reiki Practitioner of the Usui tradition. She has also studied hypnotherapy, Access Consciousness, yoga, and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), along with her many years of study and practice of spirituality. Jennilee is a natural healer, old soul, and continually expanding on her own journey and therefore her capacity to hold powerful space for others. Gifted, gentle, and intuitive, she infuses her sessions with unique access to a wide range of skills and abilities, expertly customizing the healing session to your needs. It's not just a session, this is sacred time set aside in honor of you.

I saw a visible different in my foster pet. I was amazed and loved the feedback that I received. THANK YOU!

-Elyssa M.

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