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 One-on-One Dynamic Coaching

Are you ready to live a truly dynamic life and create something amazing in the world? Fabulous! I'm ready to hold the space for you to show up more authentically, release your self doubts and judgements, and regain your joy and direction. Dynamic Coaching is for you if...

  • You're visceral aware of having this one uniquely beautiful life and can no longer stand to live anything but your deepest truth and wildest adventure - you're ready to GO.

  • You're done with hiding, dishonoring your own desires to please others, and in any way limiting your light - you're ready to SHINE.

  • You know there's life, to business, to relationships, to everything you came here to experience and be - you're ready to HAVE IT.

  • You hear the rumble in your heart and know that a change is coming, a liberation, a transformation - you're choosing it NOW.

  • AND you know the power of having a trusted partner hold space for you to show up authentic, messy, real, and honest to work (and play!) through all the old triggers and beliefs that have kept you from really living into and embodying all that is possible for you.

"What you are seeking is

seeking you"


Dynamic Coaching is a partnership of possibilities that honors your deepest truth and wisdom. Imagine feeling a true sense of connection to yourself and others. Imagine always knowing what would provide you the most expansion and taking bold steps to align yourself with it. Imagine your days more and more filled with choice, possibility, joy, and adventure. Imagine what your life would look like a year from now if you really embraced the unknown, said YES to you, and created a life you love! It is all possible and waiting for you.

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What does working together look like?

The adventure is yours to choose. There is no one size fits all, but I typically suggest 2-4 sessions a month and this can be additionally supported in many different ways. Coaching packages can range anywhere from $225 - $1000 per month.

  • 60 minute sessions

  • Personalized practices for in-between sessions

  • Additional support via email

  • PLUS...

    • Voxer coaching support if desired

    • Discounts to workshops and courses released during the time we work together

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"Jennilee has a kind and gentle presence that immediately made me feel at ease to be as honest and open as I needed to be to achieve the goals I set out to accomplish. It’s not easy to be so vulnerable, but she listens so closely to hear the things I’m not saying, that I am able to dig deeper when I need to. Her intuition is always spot on. I’m also someone who needs to be held accountable, and she does that in a way that feels very supportive, but doesn’t let me off the hook. If you’re looking for a coach who will inspire you to keep working toward your greatest goals and dreams, Jennilee has the presence and skill to help you launch what you want most. She is simply a phenomenal coach."

- Nancy LaJambe

Voxer Coaching for Powerful Support at Your Convenience:

Coaching made for the traveling soul, busy parent, or anyone - especially during this ever changing global transformation.

Voxer One-on-One Coaching takes place on the free Voxer app, Voxer is a Walkie Talkie messaging app for your smartphone with voice (like a PTT walkie talkie), text, video, and photo sharing. You'll have a private channel directly to me for all your questions, ideas, processing, accountability, and the support that you need for your dynamic life.

I provide coaching support Monday - Friday with a 24 hour turnaround. You have flexibility to reach out when you need and desire encouragement, insight, and the powerful container of possibilities that is coaching.

Your mindset and future will thank you!

Voxer Coaching is provided in a monthly coaching package:

  • One 60 minute phone/video call to set the course for your coaching journey

  • Coaching via Voxer available daily (Mon-Fri) with 24 hour turnaround

  • Additional phone/video call sessions available

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Reach out today!

"Love talking to Jennilee! She always leads me down the path of heart speak. She has an amazing, supportive aura. She brings supportive solutions to the surface! She gave me some new powerful tools to use in my Walk of Life. I had a feeling of hope throughout our sessions. Thank you so much Jennilee!"

- Mariquita Solis

Groups & Events

Be the Question (1).png

What would truly be possible if you could operate beyond conclusions and judgments and really open yourself up to something greater? Let's play in that space!

Inside *Be The Question - Invite the Possibilities* group we encourage entering the mystery, staying curious (no matter what), and inviting more magic and possibilities into our lives - what are you waiting for!?

We’ll play with questions and tools from Access Consciousness, body based wisdom, energy and woo woo awesomeness, and so much more.

You in? ;)

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