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Can a Gentle Touch Facilitate Deep Healing?

Especially during these past couple of years as every individual in the world has been encouraged to separate from each other, the body’s need for touch has become even more pronounced and apparent. Is this touch just something that provides comfort, maybe a bit of oxytocin, or something even more?

Over twenty years ago, during an intuitively guided session, Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, discovered a sequence of points on the head, that when gently touched, accesses and releases the stored up electromagnetic charge from the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that are keeping you stuck, depressed, and unable to create change in your life. This is called the Access Bars® technique.

Access Bars® is now one of the fastest-growing relaxation and healing techniques already in over 178 countries around the world. Hundreds and thousands of people from every walk of life have found deep benefit engaging this technique in changing aspects of their body, sleep, weight, relationships, stress, money, and so much more.

Your Body is the Key

Many spiritual traditions over the centuries have tried to separate from the body. I studied spirituality for decades and much of this was focused around my mind and this sense of “spirit” being beyond or somehow “higher” than the body. And yet, when we leave the body behind, we can only go so far with our pursuit of change and transformation.

There have been other traditions, however, that have known the body is the key. Even modern healing techniques like tapping and now Access Bars® have truly acknowledged the power the body holds in transforming and releasing limitations from every aspect of our lives. Our body holds our emotions, our thoughts, our feelings, memories, and more. Even those deep things, hidden from our conscious mind, can be found within the body, active and alive either benefiting us or holding us back from greater success and happiness.

It’s not that the body holds us back, it just naturally stores the energy we give it.

So if we are viewing ourselves or others with criticism, doubting our dreams, judging our looks, fighting with people in our lives, and generating anger, resentment, and rage, all of this is creating an electromagnetic charge within the body and the brain. Now wouldn’t it be cool if there was an easy and relaxing way to wipe the slate clean and remove years (if not lifetimes) of stored charge from the body in minutes?

My First Bars Session

I remember my very first Bars class, which also happened to be my very first experience of Bars in general. I like to dive right in with things and going from never experiencing a modality to taking a full-day training course in it seems to be my speed. So there I was, sitting in this smaller class near Portland, OR, listening to my facilitator talk about how, “when you give a Bars sessions, it’s kind of like getting a Bars session because if you have stored charge similar to the person you’re working on, you’ll end up releasing it too.” We were each giving a session and receiving a session twice that day, so it was like receiving The Bars four times in one day! I told you, I like to dive in.

After the class, as I drove back to Seattle, I felt such peace and space in my body and mind. I didn’t notice the usual angst about the drive, how long it would take, the inevitable slow down on I-5 near Tacoma, or anything else. What surprised me, even more, is that the next day I woke up still with that incredible spaciousness. I remember saying to myself, “Is this what it is like to NOT have constant thoughts running through my mind?” Holy cow, it was weird and wonderful.

A little back story on me is that I had suffered my whole life with intense anxiety. Over the decades it had lessened some but was never completely gone. This was the first time in my life that no part of that gnawing anxiety was present. I didn’t honestly know it was possible.

Another thing we discussed in the Bars class is that many of us are incredibly intuitive, picking up on the energies of people around us. So “running your Bars” (i.e. experiencing a session) helps to release the charge of what you have picked up from around you as well. Your body is finally given the space to release it back out, no longer trying to process something that wasn’t even yours to begin with.

Try Access Bars Yourself

This January 15th is the 9th Annual Global Access Bars Day. This is a day of free Access Bars taster sessions all around the world, Q & A’s, live streams from the event hub in Houston, TX, and so much more! You can join online for the live stream and/or in-person for a free session. I hope if this article has intrigued you that you’ll check it out!

A Tool for Today

Even beyond the Global Access Bars Day, you may be hearing the call of your body to become more present and to truly receive the gift that embodiment is. You may already know that you are more than your body as an infinite being, a spirit enjoying this body for a time, or however you see that. You are more than your body and yet you include your body. Your body is a part of your consciousness, not separate from it. You created and continue to create your body. Your body also has a consciousness of its own and wisdom to share, if you’re willing to listen.

ASK: “What can I receive from my body today that I have never been willing to receive before?”

And see what gifts your body has in store for you.

In ease & possibilities,