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Celebrate Your Body

Hello beautiful you,

What possibilities are you playing with today?

Receiving the Gift of Your Body

Last weekend, I attended my first Access 3 Day Body class in lovely Delray Florida, and have such a space and receiving of the gift my body truly is.

“I spent most of my life judging my body dynamically. And that was true when I was over 300lbs (in my late teens/early 20's) or way after dropping over half my body weight in my 20's.”

Hint: It wasn't about my weight, because I could always find something to judge if I wanted to.

What if you could choose gratitude instead of judgment?

How would your interaction with your body change? What would you be and do different with your body from a space of non-judgment and gratitude?

Now, I am permeated with a sense of gratitude for my body and nurturing that gratitude more each day.

Your Body is Grateful for You

What if you could receive the gratitude your body has for you?

Your body does not judge you, really it doesn't. It's always had your back and is waiting for you to commune with it more deeply.

One way to show gratitude for your body is to ask your body what it would like for anything that involves it (which is pretty much everything).

I was at the store today and found myself stopping at the flowers.

"Hey body, would you like some flowers today to bring to the office?"

I got a big "Yes!" (I have since bought flowers every week because of the joy it brings me.)

If you're not used to communicating with your body, it might seem strange. But try it out! What's true for you usually makes your body have a sense of lightness and what's not can feel heavy.

Access Bars and Your Body

I have found that Access Bars and Body Process sessions contribute greatly to you developing deep communion with your body, in addition to how they facilitate healing and rejuvenation.

The Access Bars process facilitates the body is learning how to receive. It's a gentle, nurturing touch therapy practiced in over 170 countries around the world.

You are always welcome to book a session and experience the peace and ease your body was meant to have.

In embodied gratitude,