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Coaching Changes Sh*t!

TLDR: Coaching changes sh*t!

I should clarify, YOU change sh*t when you finally have the tools and support to do so.

You may be very aware that you have so much potential, but somehow can't always access it or to the extend you know is possible. You hit the same roadblock over and over and come back to the same issues time and again. If your logical mind could have solved it, you would have done so by now.

Coaching gets to the "insane mind."

This is the place where you store conflicting points of view locking you up, self-sabotaging habits and commitments, all the fears, doubts, and other distractions...basically, anything keeping you stuck that you may not even be consciously aware of. But, good news! Once you're aware of it you can change it.

It's not about solving a problem. It's about accessing the possibility for something different.

Coaching, for me, is *not* about trying to solve the "problem of you." I know when you have been dealing with an issue for a long time you can start to think that something is wrong with you. "Why can't I change this!? Everyone else seems to be able to...what's wrong with me?"

Nothing. There is nothing is wrong with you.

Your greatness has always been there. You just didn't have the tools to let it shine.

The power of generative self-inquiry.

Judgment never changes anything, it only creates more judgment. I invite you instead to ask a different question:

"What's right about me I'm not getting?"

Does that bring you a sense of lightness? Cool, keep asking yourself that and allow yourself to expand on a completely new way of approaching change.

What if instead of trying to right all your wrongs, you started to look for what would actually work for you? What else is possible you have not yet considered?

Bring up a situation in your mind you would like to change and ask these questions:

  • Does this work for me?

  • If I could choose anything, what would work for me?

  • What else is possible that I have not yet considered?

Now we're talking possibilities!

A new year, a new possibility.

Are you ready to create something greater from the space of possibilities (rather than the contraction of judgment)?

Are you ready to honor you and your unique brilliance?

There is a different way to be, choose, and change anything you would like to change. And it all starts with opening up to a new way of being with yourself. Are you ready to have your own back?

Let's chat and create 2022 as your best year yet!

In ease & possibilities,


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