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Take Back Your Power

It’s easier than you think.

I heard an incredible quote recently, and it went…

“What you fear is what you give your power away to.”

And what is it exactly that you are giving your power away to when you allow fear to dictate the situation?

Essentially, you are giving your power to a story. The story that this thing is bigger, more powerful, more intimidating, more difficult than you can handle.

So really it comes down to how you see yourself.

You have defined and limited what you can handle and also what it would take to meet whatever challenge is in front of you.

There are actually a lot of assumptions, conclusions, and definitions going on when it comes to fear. Which gives you a treasure chest of transformation if you choose to ask a few simple questions.

When you begin to question the assumptions, conclusions, and definitions, you begin to break apart the story that is disempowering you and access the possibilities waiting just behind that story.

If you’re game, let’s engage with some of these questions and see what you can create from a much more empowered space.

Six Questions You Can Ask

I invite you to think of something you are avoiding right now or are worried about and take a moment to drop into this transformative self-inquiry process.

Let’s start with the situation first:

  • What is this exactly? (without the story or projection. Not, “it’s the most horrible news I have ever received.” Instead, “It’s a bill.” Just matter of fact, what is it?)

  • If this was not a problem or something to fear, what is possible that I’ve not yet considered?

  • If I had infinite choice with this, what would I like to see happen?

Then, let’s dive a little deeper:

  • By deciding that this is something to fear, what story am I buying into about myself?

  • Does this story still work for me and if not, what truly works for me now?

  • What would I be and do different with this from a more empowered state?

Maybe you took a few moments to write down what came into your awareness or gave yourself a minute to ponder each question.

Notice in your body what has changed.

Are you more relaxed, calm, or excited even?

Feel free to go back over these questions again another time.

The possibility for something different starts from within. When you shift your inner state, your consciousness, your energy by asking a question then that shift naturally flows into your life and experience.

Showing Up Beyond the Fear

We have been diving into what showing up means, especially as it relates to showing up beyond fear in my six-week practice group.

Each day we engage with a “practice of presence,” as I like to call it.

It’s a practice of “lowering our walls and barriers” which invites our body, nervous system, energy, and mind to no longer see life or circumstances as something that needs defending against.

And from there, we expand into a greater awareness of our being and our infinite, most powerful self.

We also meet every Sunday on Zoom for an interactive discussion and opportunity for personal facilitation. Plus, a book club is coming up next week!

What would shift and change in your life if you showed up for you every day from an expansive empowered space?

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