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The Gift of You

What is the gift of you that you have not yet received?

Access Bars are about the body learning to receive. It's a tool that facilitates a different way of functioning on the planet.

What if you no longer had to shut down your body? What more would you then allow yourself to receive?

Ease? Joy? Pleasure? Attention? Energy? Presence?

Would you even allow yourself to receive judgment?

What if you could know others were judging you and it didn't affect you one bit?

What creative capacity would be set free in your life?

What If You Were Open to Receiving

When you are open to receiving you never have to shrink yourself in the face of anything or anyone. Receiving is not aligning and agreeing or resisting and reacting. It's like being a peaceful rock in a stream, allowing everything to exist and flow on by you.

Gifting and Receiving

“...they happen simultaneously.”

This time of year we talk a lot about gifting and receiving. One of the beautiful things about gifting and receiving is that they happen simultaneously.

Have you ever given someone a gift that you spent time and thoughtfulness picking out just for them, and they received it with such joy and gratitude that it made your heart beam with delight? The simultaneity is like that.

Being a Gift

When you unlock your true capacity to receive you are being a gift to the whole universe.

May you allow yourself to receive the gift of you this season.

In ease & possibilities,



Learn more about Access Bars here. Would a session be a contribution to you and your body? Would you like to dive deeper in the practitioner training course?

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