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What If You No Longer Entertained Limiting Beliefs?

A limiting belief only sticks around when we entertain it as real.

We have a thought go through our head, a doubt, a judgment, and we immediately think it must be ours since it’s in our heads.

Well, seems logical, but is it true?

What if instead, you have picked up on the doubts, judgments, fears of the world around you, you’re a w a r e of these things, but it’s not actually yours?

If you could choose to tell yourself anything would it truly be that you can’t do it, you’re not good enough, you’re too afraid?

Or are you aware that when people step into something greater, like you’re doing, that the doubt is a learned automatic response? It’s not even personal. It’s what we’re taught to do to stay small and manageable.

So what if you didn’t have to fight it? What if you could just be aware of it?

And ask yourself: what’s really true for me here?


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