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Pronoia Journey


Five Day Journey to Reclaim Your Trust in the Universe and Yourself

There is light at the end of the tunnel, my friend. And it starts right here, right now.

I wish to provide you a soft place to land after perhaps a long time of struggle, stress, and strife. 2020 has provided a bounty of stressful, overwhelming, and sometimes devastating events and circumstances. But, this year has not been the beginning of struggle and overwhelm for many of us.

Maybe you can relate to this. I developed early on the belief that something was wrong with me and I wasn't going to measure up. In the hands of bullies, with a family falling apart, and growing up in a religious context - I learned that people can't be trusted, I'm all alone and scared of life, and God is even mad at me for being a sinner and only helps me out when I 'get it right'.

As you could imagine, this affected all areas of my life over time.


If you don't trust the Universe or you, you might be experiencing...

  • Difficulty in relationships - going hot or cold on people, or shutting them out entirely.

  • Attracting the same people over and over that want to take from you or drain your energy. Or being the one who inconsistently shows up for others and doesn't build lasting, supportive relationships.

  • Financial difficulties - struggling to have money in your life, struggling to create a business or have a fulfilling job.

  • Hopping around from job to job or idea to idea, never fully committing to creating and having money or building a vision.

  • Health issues - manifesting in all sorts of ways from weight, to disease or pain, to fatigue, to mental and emotional struggles.

  • Constant self criticism and mental chatter, slowing you down and keeping you stuck.

  • Sexual disfunction and disconnection from your body.

  • And the list goes on...

With loneliness, broke-ness, and a nervous system shot from decades of stress and trying to figure it out all on my own while also not really trusting I could, I knew there had to be something different.

Pronoia is knowing deep in your soul that the Universe is conspiring in your favor and has your back.

How do you move into pronoia in a world designed to instigate paranoia and the experience that no one has your back, nothing works out, life is super hard and often sucks, and ultimately it doesn't really get that much better?

Glad you asked!

It shows there is a part of you that knows this isn't it. This isn't the end. Whatever your life is right now is not the conclusion to your story.

You truly have the power to transform your situation, starting right now.

You can trust the Universe, receive from the Universe, and trust you to create what you desire. You might just...

  • Wake up excited for the day and grateful to be alive.

  • Have access to your clarity, direction, and next steps.

  • Build longer lasting, vulnerable and open, and fulfilling relationships.

  • Create money with more ease and flow. Allow yourself to have money, not just make it and spend it. Build your wealth and your legacy.

  • Commit to and accomplish your goals and your vision because you are committed to you.

  • Have a deeper and more intimate relationship with your body and with anyone you allow into the sacred space that is your body.

  • Value and honor your time, your energy, your gifts and abilities.

  • Truly experience that magic that IS you.

  • Finally experience something new, something exciting, and something lasting that opens up greater possibility and a greater future.


A Five Day Journey To Shift Your Mindset And Your Life

AND start playing with more magic and possibilities!

Day 1 - The Cleanse

You'll kick out the old beliefs on day one. You'll dive deep into how your subconscious may be contradicting your efforts to change and grow.

Day 2 - The Healing

You'll stop the cycle of struggle showing up in your life through a powerful practice that allow you to finally release old patterns.

Day 3 - The Shift

You'll discover and reclaim your power to create the life you truly desire. No more blame, shame, guilt, or regret. Here is where we begin to move forward.

Day 4 - The Embodiment

You'll partner with your body to write a new story for yourself. Through simple practices, you'll release the way old patterns have also been trapped in your body and played out in your nervous system.

Day 5 - The Celebration

You'll launch into a new experience where something beautiful really does start showing up for you. Your life gets to be a celebration of you!

How could you relax and create from a space of knowing that the Universe had your back and that you have the power and ability to actualize the life you really desire?

What​ ease and joy would you have if you moved through the day with deep gratitude, no matter what?

These five days are designed to catalyze you out of worry and overwhelm and into greater relaxation and flow.

You are too precious and amazing to live a life not experiencing the powerful support the Universe has for you and the adventures waiting for you.

What's right about this and right about you? What is truly possible for you now?

Let's dive into that space!

It all starts with mindset, energy, and how you are showing up for you.

Let's make shift happen.

Five Day Journey - Video Series

  • Daily Videos Sent to Your Inbox (BETA - Daily Lives in the FB Group)

  • Daily Journaling Prompts/"Play"sheet

  • One Pronoia Meditation Audio

Day 1 - The Cleanse

Day 2 - The Healing

Day 3 - The Shift

Day 4 - The Embodiment

Day 5 - The Celebration

Price: TBD - Free for BETA Testers


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